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Fair Pint Welcomes Chancellor’s Comments about the Damaged Caused by The Tie

27 March 2009

The Fair Pint Campaign has welcomed recent comments by the Chancellor and the Licensing Minister Gerry Sutcliffe on the damage which is caused to the pub sector by the tie.

In Treasury questions yesterday, 26th March, in response to a question on pub closures from the Labour MP, David Hamilton.  Alistair Darling stated: 

“He is right to say that there are many factors that influence the price of beer that the customer pays in the pub. That depends not just on duty but on charges made, in many cases, by brewers that are tied.” (HC Debs, 26th March 2009, column 443)

Later in the evening, in response to comments by Laurence Robertson MP about the damage caused to the sector by the ‘pubco’ model the licensing Minister Gerry Sutcliffe said:

“I understand some of the frustrations of the pub sector with what it sees as the cumulative impact of Government measures, but those alone are not the cause of pub closures, as was identified in the excellent debate—the hon. Gentleman raised some of the issues in that regard. We need to consider the role of tied houses and other pub companies, which, through differential pricing and the rents charged, have an impact on landlords.” (HC Debs, 26th March 2009, column 551)

Steve Corbett a tied landlord and member of the Fair Pint Campaign said:

“It is clear that the Chancellor, the Licensing Minister and a growing number of MPs understand the damage which is being caused to the sector by the tie.  It is now important that the Government follow-through and take action to secure the future of the pub sector in the UK by ending damaging tied arrangements and ensuring that the current system of rent reviews is reformed to end unsustainable rent increases on pubs.”


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