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News: Fair Pint - New Politics Offers Hope for Pub Reform

19th July 2010

The Fair Pint Campaign has stepped up a gear and the group’s activities over recent months gives them confidence that the new coalition government and the new generation of MPs understand the problems being faced by tied publicans. 

The group believes that support from the new generation of MPs means there is a greater chance of meaningful reform in the relationships between tied tenants and pub companies than ever before.

Steve Corbett spokesman for the campaign said:

“The pub sector is still struggling and thousands of tied tenants are still losing their businesses every year, but the new coalition Government and the swath of new members of parliament offers hope that reforms to end the damage being done by unfair tied agreements will be delivered.

“Fair Pint’s campaign has stepped up a gear and our activities over since the election has shown that many MPs who won their seats after campaigned to  save pubs in their constituencies are now keen to ensure that meaningful action is taken to secure their future.

“The coalition Government has made it clear that they will stick to the previous Government’s promise to legislate if the industry fails to deliver meaningful reform on a voluntary basis and we will be working to ensure that the Government delivers on these promises. 

“We will be working with our members to ensure that the upcoming summer recess provides an opportunity for MPs to meet publicans in their constituencies and to learn firsthand about the need for reforms in the sector.”  

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